The reason why home cleaning service is expensive

House cleaning is not a highly skilled job. Home cleaning services charges depend on a wide variety of things, including who is hired, where a person lives, and what things are asked to do. The dirtier the home is, the more charges it has to pay. A large home that hasn’t been cleaned for a while will need more equipment to clean up. Home cleaning services often base the prices on the square feet. Some homes tend to be messier than others, which can increase the cost of cleaning.

The housekeepers expect more of a budget where homes, especially with pets or small children, are present. As it takes a lot of time to clean up the things scattered and the pet hairs. One of the reasons why home cleaning services companies tend to be more expensive than people who just post up an ad on the side of a mailbox or on craigslist. It is because actual service companies provide bonding insurance and workers compensation.

When interviewing a company on the phone or reading the FAQ page, it should definitely mention it offers that, and if it doesn’t, run in the other direction. Now what that offers, bonding means that if something gets stolen from the home, there’s an insurance policy that will give back whatever was taken or the financial compensation for it. Insurance means if anything gets broken or damaged in the home, then the company has a policy that can cover that.

And finally, worker’s compensation means if someone gets injured at home, worker’s compensation will take over and pay whatever the recovery expenses are. Now, if anyone just hires somebody of a website where it does not have that kind of protection or bringing someone into the home and pay cash, none of these assurances are offered. In any event that something goes wrong, a person will be on the hook.

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