Kim Dao on low-cost gowns for her wedding

Although this world has become competitive and show off kind of things. For Kim Dao it is still a simple world. Therefore, in her YouTube video channel, she tries on a series of low-cost gowns for her fans and followers. As such, she tries on an $83.99 wedding dress in front of her 640,000 subscribers. She purchased this beige-colored two-piece gown online. Although the dress was attractive, the young YouTuber found the lace different in the picture from the person.

The low-cost gowns priced at $83.99 appear different in lace when it is in person than in the picture. Moreover, the YouTuber found that the mesh was a different color to her skin tone. Besides, the material was irritating with her skinNext. However, she tried on the beige-colored two-piece gown, which she purchased for $83.99. Although the two-piece beige gown did not look as attractive, it is not as bad as it appeared. Therefore, she is putting her thought in making this gown for her great day.

The other low-cost gown she has is the ‘mermaid wedding dress’. The off-shoulder affordable gown cost her $79.22, which she got it through online purchase. Although it is a great gown, she had the fear of slipping off her body. Therefore, she had to hold on the ill-fitting gown up. Moreover, the off shoulders dress was too large for Kim. Therefore, she felt naked when she had it on her body. Perhaps, it was an uncomfortable moment for her to have it on her.

Kim Dao as an internet sensation has a lot of fans and followers to suggest her best for her wedding day. Although she has already made up her mind for her gown, she still wants to go for her fan’s selection for low-cost gowns. Therefore, she brings forth a series of gowns in front of the camera and puts it on for fans and subscribers. Although all the dress looks great, there were some flaws in it, which she shared with her fans.

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